Why it is important to think positive

Happiness is a state influenced by our way of thinking. Just like the saying goes, “We are what we think.” Therefore, if we let negative thoughts occupy our minds, the only things that will manifest are anger, disappointments, failure, fear, which all have a negative impact on our immune system. I know there are some people who might have anticipated positive outcomes in certain aspects of their lives, but were disappointed and gave up on life. Sometimes we apply for jobs, go for the interview, and have that feeling that we will get a positive feedback. But alas! All that turn up is a regret note. You did not get the job, so what? Is that reason enough to give up on life, to be bitter, and stressed? Disappointments are part of life and we should find a way to deal with such feelings.

However, with positive thinking we are able to overcome any obstacle, lead a healthy life, be successful people in society, and always anticipate happiness. We all know that happiness is like a butterfly, the more we chase it the more it eludes us. But when we put our minds on other things (have positive thinking), it comes and rest softly on our shoulders. There are these common traits that cannot occupy the same mind: that is optimism and pessimism. This is because in a glass with water half way, the optimists will see the glass as being half-full while the pessimists will see it as being half-empty. The following are ways on how positive thinking can influence our happiness:

– To not pay attention to what other people are saying or thinking, but instead focus on what makes us happy. We all know that it is not possible to please everyone, and people will talk no matter what you do. If we let their talks and thoughts influence our behavior, we will always strive to please them at the expense of our own happiness.

– When faced with life-threatening illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, high blood pressure, or coronary heart diseases, most of us lose hope, which leads to early death. However, those who are optimistic are cured of cancer and live longer even with incurable diseases.

– We may sometimes find ourselves in a tricky situation and think that the situation is permanent. If we become pessimistic the only things we experience is depression, anger, anxiety, and stress, which threaten our immune system. However, if we exercise perseverance, no matter the circumstances, by changing our inner dialogue, we are able to sail through, even if it takes longer to achieve favorable results.

– The power of our thoughts has always shaped our lives and if we occupy our thoughts with negativity, our life is ruined. For example, some brilliant ideas might pop up in your mind, but you shun them away thinking they are beyond your ability to implement them. I know there are people who are faced with these challenges, but how will you know if you do not try? No matter how strange the idea seems, you have to try it. You might be surprised it works and you succeed.

On top of all these, we should always be grateful for what we have in life. When we express gratitude, it shows that we are satisfied, no matter what life offers, and this in turn has a positive impact on our well-being.

“My girlfriend is not happy with her breasts”

One of my readers sent me this email: “Hey, my girlfriend is not happy with her boobs, because they are small, and she doesn’t want to go to a surgery or put any creams because she heard that is bullshit. Is there any other way or remedy to deal with that naturally?”

Well, first of all, let me tell you one more time, I’m not a doctor or anything like that, but then again, doctors don’t know how can you grow your boobs naturally, and even if they did know, they wouldn’t help you with it, because it’s not a medical problem (not really a problem anyway) and they can’t profit from that. Not to say that all doctors look only a profit, but a lot of them do, and when they are getting paid by pharmaceutical lobby, this is what you get.

Now let’s get back to your question. I was doing some research for you and I found something that seems promising. I didn’t try it myself not do I know anyone that did, but I was doing some research and it looks like it really works. I’m not going to write you stories about how to get bigger boobs naturally, because this is not my field, but you are more than welcome to read what they have to say and determine for yourself. Natural breast enhancement is very profitable business so be careful with those creams because they are not really that “natural”

What I always like to look when I’m buying some “products”, especially digital products like ebooks, videos, etc. is that 30 or 60 day money back guarantee. If you see a product that has that, and it’s legit, you are good to go. Because if the product is really that good, there is no reason for the company not to guarantee you that.

So that being said, read what I found about how to get big natural boobs and let me know what do you think.


Please your wife like you never did before

Today I’ll talk about pleasing your wife/girlfriend. Main reason for that are emails we get from our readers, and probably 80% of those are about sex. Not that I’m surprise, because after all, everything is about sex, one way or another. I am, however, positively surprise by the number of emails from partners that want to please their partner. I really like that, because I truly believe in that saying “give and you shall receive”.

give and you shall receive

Anyway, I was really happy with that so I decided to cover 2 topics today, and both about sex, needless to say! First one is about making your wife squirt. If you never did that, you’re missing a big treat (she’s missing even bigger one), and it’s time to fix that. I’m not gonna go into details how can you achieve that, because I believe you can learn that just by watching it, so I will suggest you where can you find out more and why I think that method is the best. Of course, I’m talking about video method where sex expert is teaching you step by step how to do it. My partner used that method after few fails where he just read some blogs and watched youtube videos where they show on a doll or with their hand. Not only he looked ridiculous watching youtube videos where some guy is fingering his hand, but he didn’t learn shit. So I thought to myself “why he just don’t google that freaking thing, and look for a video”, and guess what – first result is a website that talks about video that teaches you how to make any girl squirt. That night he subscribed to that training and believe it or not, he surprised me with the best night ever.

Now, second topic is what I also found on that website. What actually makes woman horny? Yeah, some of the women think like guys when it comes to sex, so they are almost all the time horny, but that is only small percentage of women, and I’m talking here about majority. If your guess was far away from sex act itself, you are on the right path. Things that make them horny are confidence, empathy in guys, when he knows how to set the rules, and things like that. So don’t think for a second that you can just hump her like a horny dog and that she will be in the mood. Don’t be a chimp, think about how she wants to feel, and you’ll have her whenever and wherever you want.

That being said, right after you’re done reading this, go to google and type how to make my wife squirt, and just go to first page you see, and there you’ll find your hidden gems ;)




Right of the bat I would like to explain why I choose this name for my blog. For those of you who don’t know, an “angel investor” is term that comes from business, and represents an individual who provides capital for start-ups to grow. I always loved that term so when I decided to start my own blog, I decided to call it like that because I’ll be helping people to live a better life.

So if you will be a part of our family and you want to learn and grow together with me, you can consider yourself to be an investor in better life. On this blog I will write about diverse topics, but mainly about dating, relationships, sex and marriage.

Oprah Winfrey was my huge inspiration, and I would always turn to her for advice on various topics, so I thought it would be nice of me to write about something that I think I know. And if I can inspire at least one person, it would be worthwhile.

I’m just starting so I still don’t know if I will have different categories and then arrange my pages like that, or I will just write randomly, but I think I’ll just write when I have an inspiration, so I hope you’ll like what I have to say.

Private life is probably the most important part of every adult person, yet, most of the subjects in that category are something we don’t like to share with everybody, at least not 100% of it. This way, you I don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who I am, so I think it’s easier to be more honest. I can talk about my experiences, and you can send me your stories and problems, so I can maybe give you my perspective on that without judging you like some of your friends might.

That being said, I will write about things I think I should and you feel free to send me a message using a contact form, and I’ll try to answer your questions!


I wish you a very nice day :)


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